“Emotional Glasses”

Do you know our Emotional Glasses?

We present Emotional Glasses, a tool that defocuses judgments and focuses on the nuances of differences.

What are they for?

To understand the reaction or feelings that another person or oneself may be experiencing from a new approach.

How can they help you?

They will be your instrument to see life from a perspective that allows you to understand the emotional side from a more rational map.


When you wear Emotional Glasses they allow you to:

  1. See beyond the 1st plane and see the emotional.

Emotions are present 100% of our time and yet we are too often blind to them so that we are not able to see the world in a different way.

  1. Assume that we are complex beings.

Each of us has our own history, we are unique and therefore different. Understanding how the experiences we have lived have led us to build a “new me” is the key to reconciling with your new reality; also to understand that each person is an emotional mystery.

  1. Recognize emotions in others as well as in myself.

When I realize that others feel all the time, I realize that this also happens to me. It is the first step.

  1. Learn to see emotions as something natural of the body and I take advantage of them in your favor.

The more I know myself the more I take advantage of those emotions in my favor.


We have designed them in Talking Brain Factory as an instrument to help you throughout this process.

Put yourself in these situations: that neighbour with whom you have never seen eye to eye, that brother-in-law with whom you always argue at Christmas dinners, that work colleague with whom you have never empathized… and a long etcetera.

Perhaps assuming that emotions have a great role in our decisions will help you broaden your vision about the world and solve everyday problems.

Gafas emocionales – Una nueva visión sobre las enfermedades mentales - Talking Brain Factory

Shall we refocus?

Gafas emocionales – Una nueva visión sobre las enfermedades mentales - Talking Brain Factory