What IS Talking Brain Factory?

Talking Brain Factory is a meeting place.

A meeting place for all those people that, like me, suffer for not understanding. For not understanding certain ways of the functioning of the mind: their own and those of the loved ones around them.

From that viewpoint and from sharing both feelings, I have created knowledge pills from a scientific perspective about mental disorders; pills which one can easily relate to and understand.

"My only goal is to make psychiatric diseases more humane"
Dr. Gideoni Fusté

ADHD affects 3% -7% of school-age children and 2-5% of the adult population.

Fortunately it is ceasing to be an invisible disorder.

This documentary is born from the need to disclose the impotence and discouragement that this disorder causes in those who suffer from it and to their environment in the most intimate possible way.

The lack of understanding of how people with ADHD function undermines the self-esteem of these children and make them seem more difficult. Nor is it easy for their teachers.

From the testimonies of some parents, a psychologist, an educational psychologist and some children we see what their difficulties are in the classroom. We can understand how they feel and how we could with a simple gesture or a change of attitude make it easier for them.

There are already many families, associations, foundations and medical and educational professionals, who nowadays contribute to this change.

This documentary is another step of this journey, thanks to the collaboration with Beatriz Pita and Unidad Focus.


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When one understands, an integration process is initiated that helps make reality to be different and allows one to enter life feeling like everyone else.



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A look at the world of emotions

In Talking Brain Factory we want to achieve, through the understanding of the brain and emotions, humanization and a different understanding of mental health in which people with mental disorders and their families could feel calmer and in harmony.

To do this we create audiovisual knowledge pills that show the process that is always followed, focusing on solutions. We put at your disposal a series of audiovisual contentsebooks (soon downloadable) and conferences to encourage you in this direction.

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